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We are proud to have served

Our staff has served their country honourably. Service in the Fire Department, Military and the Police Department. We honor those who serve by giving back to those who have. Our professionalism is never compromised. Our products and services reflect that.

"We honour our veterans"

VPS Ltd. is proud to donate 10% of its profits to organizations like the Veteran Transition Network.

“We can provide your company w

Professional Escorts

With a fleet of certified pilot car drivers, we do it every day. We are fully insured for Canada and the USA. Our professional escorts are trained and equipped for Canada and USA including New York. We’re High Pole, Rear Steer and Traffic Control Certified. Safety for your Heavy Haul Oversize Loads is our priority.

Route Survey

Route surveys for any high pole, long or heavy load. All route surveys are physically done and applicable charges will apply.

High Pole & Steermen

Our drivers have the experience to move sensitive loads and keep your investment safe so it reaches your destination securely.

Brand name safety supplies

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Our Driver Training solutions

VPS Ltd. (Veteran Pilot Services Ltd.) is proud to offer this all-in-one safety solution that give you access to a comprehensive library of hundreds of safety training courses, created by subject matter experts and leading safety training providers from across the country. 

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  All courses are available on-demand, instantly accessible through our website. 

Most courses include a certificate of completion upon achievement of the required mark to pass.   

Conflict Management for Employees

Certification Courses

Saskatchewan TPC Fagger Certification

B.D.R. Safety Consulting Inc. will be holding a Saskatchewan Workzone Flagging Certification course in London, Ontario September 10, 2017 at the RamadaThe curriculum being presented is the Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan Inc. program. Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation / Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan Inc. certification card. The Certification is valid for 5 years. This flagging course is the Saskatchewan Flagging course which has been ‘approved’ as per CVSE Circular 10-16 Appendix A by British Columbia for pilot operators. This will permit you, the pilot operator, to direct traffic while escorting loads in British Columbia. Note:At this time, this certification will only permit you to flag in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The course will cover six (6) basic elements including: Legislation, Flagging, Equipment and Apparel, Flagperson Position, Practices and Procedures as well as Communication. As this is a certification course for Pilot Escort vehicle Operators, emphasis will be on the proper positioning during oversize load movements. After successful completion of the course, it is every candidates responsibility to ensure that they familiarize themselves with the specific requirements of British Columbia under the Pilot Car Load Movement Guidelines to ensure that they are in compliance with their specific requirements. If your interested in certification please email us at dispatch@veteranpilot.com 

B.D.R. Safety Training

 B.D.R. Safety Consulting Inc. will be holding a U.S. (Washington State) Pilot Escort Vehicle Operator Certification course in   London, ON, September 09th, 2017 at the Ramada London . The course will be from 08:00 to 16:00.  Cost for the course is $299.99 + GST 

($314.99) based on a minimum of 6 participants. To register for the course or for further information, please contact B.D.R. Safety Consulting at: bdrsft@mymts.net or (306) 737-2911. Registration must be received by Sept 07th, 2017. If you know of anyone interested in this course, please feel free to pass on this information.  

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RSA Network Inc.

Utah Pilot/Escort and Flagger Certification

The applicable fee for each location is noted when you sign up. The range for Utah Certification is $212.00 – $303.00 depending on the date you register and the location you choose to attend.  Payment can be paid via credit card online or you can call RSA Network Inc. and arrange to pay with a company check or credit card. 

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